Extracts from the forth coming Casualties of Consciousness.

Although this short extract of 94 pages from my third and academic book is a first editing sample, editing progresses and addition is a reasonable presumption in issue. Please feel free to Discuss as appreciation is: solidarity striving to achieve Psychosocial emotional displays in Terms of Performance of Erving Goffman. Psychosocial stigma and Cognitive Core Identity separation. The Terms I use to explain my theories are of Erving Goffman and Louis Althusser (Interpellation). This then extends into how Interpellation can cause interaction on a personal electro-chemical basis that can eventually affect the speech centre of the Vagus nerve via the forming of Tardif Dyskinesia. This forms an involuntary motion in the speech centres of vocalisation as a sublime Script narration known if denial and paranoia are overcome as E.S.P or a Bi-cameral state of living a destiny of self expression.

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