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FROM HERE ON WIKIPEDIA Here a device in the ear that allows the client to hear the Lower Voice of Significance allows them time in Erikson’s Psychosocial Moratorium of correcting themselves as a Casualty of Consciousness. Once the Core Identity has established their tonal Dysfunctions of mental health issues the client can then relay via the device recording the information – to a team of counsellors. This allowing the counsellors and client the use of Symbolic Data gathering that can then assess emotional personality disorders relating to the patients inner responses interaction as a Core Identity to the Psychosocial interaction. Here also Analysis of what is being said in the collective of the L.V.S via a device that records at the points of tonal and vocal dysfunctions in the inner ear. Here the counsellors act as a conduit that gives a Self-healing via discussion methods. In persisting cases the use of a hearing aid type device can allow for the Tinnitus and vocal tonal dysfunctions in the inner ear to be corrected via for example: a tonal pitch, inner ear sound expansion or playing music.

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These tonal dysfunctions I Theorise are Relative to the stages of sleep patterns in the sleep induced stage of Brain activity which is involved in wave cycles from and between NREM1 and NREM2 sleep. In the non-physical illness phenomena N1 sleep is a stage where the Brain emits Alpha waves. Alpha waves are meant to be reduced with the eyes open. Between N1-N2 a drowsiness is initiated and then N2 sleep. But yawning delays the initiation of N1 sleep in the Norm of Society. These waves are thought to represent the activity of the visual Cortex in an idle state. Occipital Alpha waves during periods of eyes closed are the strongest EEG Brain waves. They are also detectable with the naked eye or in Theory with the use of a hallucinatory drug. Although study of Tibetan Buddhist monks and Celestine nuns has shown signs that Gamma waves are what are involved in meditation. However in this case the eyes may be closed, but I say Alpha waves are a state of the Abnormal sleepwalking with the eyes open Relative to the states in and between N1-N2. This can be seen as a case of the Abnormal to be Normal where pre-sleep is not acknowledged as an un-worded sensual state in the day/night/day continuum of Alpha waves of Cortical rebooting and Gamma waves of the day’s interaction.

When in wakefulness a client does not use Cortical rebooting – as I came to realise – which may cause an overload in Occipital Alpha waves. So this in turn then causes auditory hallucinations (superstition against E.S.P), but also flash backs from hallucinogens where the eyes are open. In the View of auditory hallucinations the Brain reverts to Alpha waves to stop a client from falling into the state of hallucinations. In this state the Theory of Mind still has a state of semi-consciousness via the Parasympathetic nervous system and a state it creates as, “Rest and digest” as an, “Idle state” of body and mind, or a person deep in sublime thought interpretations. This can be seen as meditation of the eyes closed or a person that seems to being thinking and best left to themselves. In the latter a lack of body motion towards others confirms the glances the patient receives.

At this point the Brains dysfunction is a cause of the Parasympathetic Nervous System causing Confabulation. Or if the reasoning of the L.V.S is considered a Bi-cameral Theory of Mind where the Terminology is, “Life narration of Script interaction”, but also keeping within the Self of a Core Identity of Psychosocial individualism. This can be seen via noises of Self in night extended into the daytime as an interaction of sleepwalking in the dominant night extending into the Occipital Alpha waves of the day continuum. I also describe voices as an auditory Confabulation because of the mental denial system of the non-physical illness phenomena where the idle state is that of the, “Rest and digest” of the Parasympathetic nervous system not denying public superstition. It can be Described as sleepwalking in a sublime fashion of the Brain overloading via Alpha waves caused by a lack of blinking into Cortical rebooting, even nutrition and water.

Sudden twitches are also a commonality in these stages of sleep. In Tardif Dyskinesia the twitches are a natural state of the illness Palatal myoclonus where movements of the breath onto the Soft Palate of Psychosocial scent causes dysfunctional sublime interaction of involuntary tongue and jaw movement. At this point the breath enters the inner voice box via a relaxing into the stages N1-N2 of sleepwalking. In a patient this process of breathing may extend their consciousness into the 8-12Hz of pre-sleep of Alpha waves. This is a state in the Cognition sciences known as Conflabulation.

The next state of sleep of N2 which contains the use of K-Complexes is where the Brain sweeps across its neural networks looking for correlations of consciousness within, looking towards the next day’s 10-20% of Cognition unconscious Script interaction. At the point Interpellation can be initiated via the urge to visit the coffee shop at the same time if feelings should say so. This sweeping action is carried out by gamma waves. A person left awake here would become confused with their internal conscious workings, or the development of a psychotic illness if water and nutrition are inadequate. In some however a drifting mind is just idle thought or the act of daydreaming of an old holiday fun-time, even meditation of gathering energy via breathing techniques. In my first book importance is placed on breathing techniques and how day and night involves different breathing patterns. I state that breath of night is a gathering of ionisation and the day gathers internal energy from another cause (The Trauma of Voices).

In Terms of Script continuation the 80-90% is a biological computational action of an unconscious action of the sensual and sense in Embodiment and Theory of Mind conceptions. This creates body notions and motions of Script as well as forms of Interpellation. However in the use of Theory of Mind it can be seen as sensual via the Inner peace Experience where the body is the Alleviation of mind sense but the mind also has a sense of thought. This sense of thought is the interaction between the inner voice box, the inner ear, but also Tinnitus disruption. In the drifting of scent and energy, the interaction is Theoretically based on James Lovelock’s Theory of a planetary Homeostasis. Here Theory of Mind is built upon the next day’s gathering of electro-chemical Embodiment of scent, vision and hearing that is then processed in sleep. This is the process I Describe as the day/night/day continuum of the Taste/smell of Coffee. What I do say is REM sleep is a place where dreams are processing an overloaded Core Identity in a logical fashion of protection in the body’s paralysis. However a lack of Cortical rebooting causes the state of flash backs and the Script of mental health denial system built upon witchcraft and superstition in a Psychosocial enactment causing a client a Lower Voice of Significance denial system. What a client needs is a system of:

  • Deviation → Opposition → Alleviation.

The above marker gives a Deviation away from denial where a Psychosocial Moratorium gives the client a chance to oppose sublime issues in a loud vocalisation that can then be extended into an Alleviation system where superstition is the deviant and the Opposition is an opposition of a person becoming a Norm of Society where Theory of Mind is vocally expressed as Self-therapy. At this point the, “Why and how” via the questions of, “! And ?” becoming Script input from the counsellor as a matter of saying vocally, “Give repetition of echoing your mind aloud until Alleviation is achieved as a truth of Self-therapy of becoming confident enough of achieving an Ego Identity”. Big words to a client that needs explanation, rather than leaving a formula of confusing dominance.

K-complexes were discovered in 1937 in the private laboratories of Alfred Lee Loomis. These K-Complexes occur in a spontaneous fashion, but is responsive to external stimulus such as sounds and touch to the skin. As I mentioned in Feng Shui, airflow can cause reactions in the body and so here the day/night/day continuum can be Theorised upon via Homeostatic Script. Palatal dysfunctions are a degenerating towards an extra 5-10% of consciousness in the day via non-Cortical rebooting or in Theory of the Norm K-complexes of Gamma waves sweeping across the mind so as to keep within evolutionary humanity of Norm states of the 10-20% of consciousness. Here it may be proven that a client uses Alpha waves in a sweeping action of the N1-N2 points in and between. This can be seen as a point between Tardif Dyskinesia entering the inner voice box, where a client staying alert instead of Cortically rebooting during this process may find scent and Abnormal hearing interaction of Embodiment where the hearing becomes muddled because of Occipital Alpha waves. This can be seen as the day continued as a state of sleepwalking due to the stages from N1-N2, by being able to sense externality of touch and sound as a conscious sublime issue. At this point the boundaries of superstition can be overcome by a Script input from counsellors of giving the client time in a Psychosocial Moratorium. At this point exploration of the L.V.S can cause the client the need to reply consciously. This then causing the re-enhancement of Psychosocial solitude of the wordless sound from across the street that was not usually heard because of a tonal or Tardif Dyskinesia dysfunction. Although the sound is made by one, another Core Identity of the Norm of Society’s sound would be different due to velocity giving a lower or higher sensual sound or combining sounds. Or even the lack of usage of a counteractive wordlessness in sounds where the body language is the interpretation of Tardif Dyskinesia. Here difference can be placed in the Norm and Abnormal via sensual and sense of body language of motion and notion. Tardif Dyskinesia is the product of involuntary Jaw and tongue dysfunctions. Olanzapine is or can be a bi-product of Tardif Dyskinesia. This causes sublime interaction in the inner voice box, inner ear and Tinnitus and the mouth parts. Acting on vocal echoing and impulse is the initiation towards:

  • Deviation → Alleviation → Opposition.

Here the Opposition is a deviant to wordless noise restoration because superstition has been answered as a Norm of Society via vocally preaching Self-therapy. Homeostasis and Feng Shui then causes bodily reactions in the Sensual glandular points that as a Theoretical causes the re-issuing of restoring Cortical rebooting and so allowing the Brain to restore the Inner Peace Experience via an new Theory of Mind. This giving motions to looking at someone across the fish and chip shop. At this point a smile can be issued instead of lowering the head into subjective mental abhorrence continuance. I call these points Sensual Glandular Neurones that gather the Taste/smell of Coffee. This can be expressed as the Glandular Neurones becoming sensual points instead of sense points of body language dysfunctions of Bi-cameral notions.

So these K-complexes are a creation that is an occurrence in the widespread cortical areas of the outward Dendritic currents from the middle (III) to the upper (I) layers of the Cerebral Cortex in the Brain. The cerebral Cortex is a sheet of neural tissue that is at the outermost point of the cerebrum of mammal Brains. It plays a key stage appointment in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness. Here a client’s Abnormal distraction may cause development into the uncoordinated Psychosocial enactment of bodily notions of sublime thought notions. In Psychology it can be Discussed as a sublime Attention Deficit Syndrome or in a worse case scenario a delusional denial aspect of not wanting to go over the boundary into the L.V.S system of curing problems within Script via Self-spoken counselling. The Cerebrum is constituted of up to six horizontal layers, each of which has a different composition in terms of the neurons and connectivity. The Human cerebral Cortex in size is approximately 2 – 4 mm thick. In preserved Brains, it has a grey colour, hence the Brain having the nickname, “Grey matter”.

These Dendritic currents are accompanied by a decreasing of the broadband EEG power that is an inclusion of Gamma Wave activity in REM sleep, but also includes daytime Cognitive abilities. Or the cancellation of the Psychosocial script enactment of unnecessary Taste/smell of Coffee gathered in the daytime interaction of Occipital Alpha waves causing glances towards a noise and philosophically speaking, “The scent of magnolia” gathered in breath of unconscious sleep. It could be Theorised in Gamma and Alpha waves that the Binding Problem is an issue where the Brain has adapted to Occipital Alpha waves in the Abnormal following a Bi-cameral state of creature body language notions instead of using Gamma waves of conscious Cognition that are depleted due to breathing, nutrition and water imbalances.

In the Terms of, “We play the game for each other” correlations will Theoretically be placed in Feng Shui and the state of N2. It can be seen as the external un/conscious sensing of Norm and Abnormal where the night of the day/night/day is the human equivalent of the Bi-cameral Brain created in sleep patterns extended into the day of Alpha and Gamma wave Interpellation. It can be placed as merely looking up sensually or keeping the head lowered in Bi-cameralism in sensing of Self via, “! And ?” of the Abnormal clients confusion in the non-physical illness phenomena. In the Norm this can be seen as the Core Identities need for the next day’s stimulus of Script and the body of Psychosocial interaction, of congregating as Self via words and the relaxation of calm internal breathing and sensual feelings. So these Gamma Waves produce stages of neuronal Cognitive daytime silence in which the neural network activity is then reduced.

So in the activity of K-complexes of sleep it is then a transferral from the Cerebral Cortex to the area of the Thalamus in the Brain where it synchronizes with the Thalamocortical network during sleeping time, producing sleep oscillations such as Spindles and Delta Waves. Sleep spindles result from interactions between cells in the thalamus and the Cortex and coincide in N2 along with the K-complexes. These bursts represented in cycles of 0.5 – 1.5 seconds and are sometimes known as Sigma Waves where consolidation may be Theoretically apparent. Theoretically saying, the combination of separate memories or scattered computational material that forms into a single whole or mass as a Core Identity conjoining Psychosocial informational processes towards individuality of memory and Schema Recall in the day/night/day continuum. Here it can be seen that a fully sleeping creatures Bi-cameral state is an unconscious enactment of sleep in the Norm of Society of the continuum.

Thalamocortical Dysrhythmia (TCD) is a Theoretical framework in which neuroscientists try explaining the positive and the negative symptoms induced by Neurological disorders like neuropsychiatric depression. In Theory these positive and negative issues could also relate to Bi-polar due to the depression of a neuropsychiatric problem where the positive is elation. In the TCD the intricate dynamics contained between the Thalamus and Cerebral Cortex: they are disrupted by changes in the behaviour of the Neurons in the Thalamus. TCD can be treated with Neurosurgical methods like the Central Lateral Thalamotomy, which due to its invasiveness is only used on patients that have proven resistant to conventional therapies. Bi-polar could be the cause of dysfunctions whereby an overlapping between any K-complexes currents that become a part of day time analysis at a level of sleepwalking and hyperactivity due to bursts of Gamma interspersed with Alpha waves of N2. In the state of N2 the facial features resemble sadness, a depressive look, but as a daytime stance to the Norm glumness (moodiness). To the Abnormal to be Normal Script and Interpellation will translate this look as: depression and dejection simply because the client lowered the head in the fish and chip shop that may become Scripted through Interpellation in the day/night/day continuum as Self-awareness.

At the base of the theory lies diminished excitatory or increased inhibitory input at the Thalamic level, but also a visa-versa in Bi-polar. This leads to a switch of the Thalamocortical Neurons from tonic to burst firing and subsequently entrains Thalamic and Cortical areas with Pathological Oscillations at around 5Hz. These Oscillations are a part of N2 sleep patterns where K-complexes consolidate Neural patterns into a Cognitive pattern of understanding, but to the Abnormal carrying a mirror would seem absurd. In myself I would study my facial stance in the glass of windows. Tinnitus and tonal dysfunctions of day time, only causing a dysfunction between: the Theory of Mind and what Embodiment sees in the Abnormal to be Normal. Or using worded of thought to interpret what someone else is feeling about them via a Self induced Confabulation of facial and body stances. This is then taken into the day/night/day continuum of a Core Identity translating Interpellation. What I will say is medicaments can sometimes have a hypnotic effect or cause a sleepy effect. This has two effects whereby the clients tries to cheer up, but lacks an Interpellation point due to loosing the hypnotic effect. Input here is to explain the facial stance of depression and glumness in a reassuring method so as to cause the smile.

In psychology, Confabulation is the spontaneous narrative report of Events that never happened. Confabulation, also known as a false, degraded, delusional, or corrupted memory via insinuation is a stable pattern of activation in a Neural Network or Neural assembly that does not correspond to any previously learnt patterns of a normal attitude. The same Term is also applied to the Neural mistake-making process leading to a falsifying in memory. Confabulation is central to a Theory of Cognition and consciousness in which thoughts and ideas originate in both the biological of Embodiment and Tinnitus via Synthetic Neural Networks of Theory of Mind as false or degraded memories Nucleate upon various forms of Neuronal and Synaptic fluctuations and also thought damage to Tinnitus frequencies. Damage being a factor also of drugs such as amphetamines (speed), crack-cocaine, Lysergic Dythilamine acid (LSD) and cocaine. Such patterns of Neural activation are promoted to ideas as other Neural nets perceive utility or that value to them (Thalamocortical Loop). These Looping actions are involved within the production of Sleep Spindles and the control of extending new information. This Loop controls information that passes between the Thamalus and Cerebral Cortex via Thalamocortical Radiation. Within Cognitive sciences, the generation of Confabulatory patterns is a symptomatic of some forms of Brain dysfunctions. Via this the Confabulations relate to the pathologically induced Neural activation patterns from indirect experience expressed in Script, Interpellation or insinuations of the L.V.S and any learnt relationships that it causes to a Core Identity. In computational models such damage and the related Brain pathologies such as dyslexia and hallucination result from simulated Lesioning and Neuron death. Forms of Confabulation in which missing or incomplete information is incorrectly filled in by the Brain is generally modelled by the well known Neural network process called Pattern Completion.

Part 4.

Sleep spindles are where the Brain correlates synchronicity of Cycles of Enquiry of remembrance. Whether it be a conception of Schema, vision in the need of Psychosocial sensual sound or even: drawing the head towards the sense of smell via peripheral vision where sensual Feng Shui expands vision. It can also be comprehension of hearing the following day’s extending of life’s Script Narration the unconscious causing un-worded noise or even looking around and out the window for no apparent reason or in these Terms the day/night/day continuum. In the latter the Terminology of Scent Interpellation gathered in the breath of sleep via Self and Feng Shui. The latter of Feng Shui is more apparent within the home of a family unit.

So it has been observed that Sleep Spindles are indeed identical in the “laminar distributions of transmembrane currents” to the slow waves of slow wave sleep. (SWS or N3), often referred to as deep sleep, consisting of stages three and four of non-rapid eye movement sleep, according to the Rechtschaffen & Kales (R&K) standard of 1968.

As of 2008, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) discontinued the use of stage 4, such that the previous stage of NREM3 joined NREM4 to become simplified as stage 3. An period of (30 seconds of sleep) that consists of 20% or more of slow wave (delta) sleep is now considered to be stage 3.

There are defining points in the electroencephalographic and other characteristics within in each stage of N1-N3. Unlike the stage of REM sleep, there is usually little or no eye movement within NREM patterns. Dreaming is rare during NREM sleep, and muscles are not paralyzed as in REM sleep. More so, there is also the state of parasympathetic dominance of, “Rest and digest” during NREM. The Parasympathetic nervous system can stimulate or inhibit glandular actions of scent and touch like in the stage N2. This can be Endocrine in action as well, which is usually a release into the blood stream. Stimulation and inhibiting of scent can be seen as a part of Psychosocial processes where the Endocrine release is stored for a later glandular release in the day or the Theory that it works much like an anti-body.

The highest arousal thresholds (e.g. difficulty of awakening, such as by a sound of a particular volume in mental health cases) are observed in deep N3 sleep. Lack of sleep can cause fatalities and in mental health particular sounds are Relativity of causing tonal dysfunctions in a Core Identity. In Psychosocial the tendency would be towards, “Killing me softly”. Or Eventually giving up the Willpower to live that could cause death by natural causes in a person. This can be Theorised via the ears closing, followed by the inner voice boxes tones closing that then causes breath paralysis. In book 1, “The Trauma of Voices” it explains the part where sleep breath can be lost causing death or the loss of sleep where day time internal breath is the full cycle. That fact which destroys religious madness is due to the internal breathing of the day time.

A person will typically feel more groggy when woken from slow-wave sleep, and experimental tests on Cognition after awakening show mentality performance is impaired for up to 30 minutes or longer, Relative to awakenings from the other stages. This phenomena is known as “sleep inertia.” Sleep inertia is a physiological state characterised by a decline in motor dexterity and a subjective feeling of grogginess, immediately following an abrupt awakening. To the Abnormal I found that grogginess was not always present, rather sleep was a continuance of sublime notions. What is essentially missing is the rude awakening of the alarm clock before work, but also the fact that awakening also has a slow ascending from realisation of thought that extends into sublime conscious interaction. The impairment where there is a lack of a groggy feeling then causes physical tasks of morning noise routines (eg: putting the washing up away) to be partially blocked via the ears still being at an internal point of sublime interaction. Sleep inertia can also refer to the tendency of a person that wants to return to sleep where the Norm would stave this off with loud yawning – causing the ears to open – and the stretching the limbs. Typically, sleep inertia lasts up to 3 hours for a night wake up and up to 90 minutes for a day wake up. If the subject is awakened due to a perceived danger, however, the duration of sleep inertia is reduced to only a few seconds or a rude awakening to the alarm clock.

When looking back at K-complexes it has been suggested that they both protect sleep and also engage in information processing as they are both an essential part of the synchronization of NREM sleep processes. That being while they also respond to both internal and external stimuli in a reactive manner. An extension of the Ideology of the Taste/smell of Coffee continuation is in the unconscious act of Psychosocial interaction of day/night/day. This would be consistent with a function in suppressing cortical arousal in response to stimuli that the Brain needs to instinctually process in regards to whether the external is a sensual danger of tonal sound or not.

Here forms the questions of why and how in a mind that has been tranquilised with medicaments or hyped-up with street drugs. In modern Terms however the Brain and medication linkages are better understood and so questions of why and how are blocked via the tranquilisers or suppressants. Or the suppressing of danger signals in Psychosocial warnings sent towards a person’s own electro-chemical scent of danger or stress during the day that is then assessed in sleep. When street drugs are assessed, danger can seem a long way off due to the happy-go-lucky attitude of a euphoric dealer.

Another suggested function of K-complexes rhythms is in aiding the activation homeostasis of synapses and memory consolidation. In the Gaia hypothesis, James Lovelock’s Theory is of the entire bio-mass – but also chemical – of matter on Earth (or any planet with life) functions as a vast homeostatic superorganism that actively modifies both life and the chemical environment to produce the environmental conditions necessary for bio-mass survival, or Script and the sense and sensual Interpellation. In this View, the entire planet maintains homeostasis or a Psychosocial equilibrium as Self and food production. A relatively simple homeostatic equilibrium has become acceptable. A confirmed equilibrium is when atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise: it causes some plants that are able to grow better, that are then enabled into removing more of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When sunlight is stronger or there is a lack of cloud cover the atmospheric temperature climbs. This then causes phytoplankton in the oceans to thrive and produce more dimethyl sulphide, DMS. The DMS molecules act as cloud condensation nuclei, which then causes clouds to become more abundant and that causes an increase in atmospheric equilibrium. This then causes an effect which then lowers the temperature of the atmospheric conditions due to Carbon Dioxide removal where moisture causes the product of H2O division. This can be seen via H2 and CO2 equilibrium and division.

As scientists discover more about Gaia, vast numbers of positive and negative feedback loops are discovered that cause and help maintain an equilibrium to feed basic bio-mass via Carbon Monoxide within the environmental conditioning. As climate change and global warming occurs, the temperature of the Earth increases. So as memory consolidation and homeostasis become the occurrence of sleep functions – of allowing the Ecological formulae of the 10-20% of Cognition in localised Script, this then branches out via bio-mass frequencies of the extra 80-90% of unconscious sleep interaction brought in the scent of daytime of the Taste/smell of Coffee on the wind of commonalities of equilibrium in Feng Shui. Feng shui and air currents of energy are an explanation of Homeostasis via ultra-sounds of an Elephant. Ultra-sound is a part of Script that is gathered in electro-chemical scent of the un-worded electro-chemical reactions of Earth’s winds and ocean currents. From there a Core Identity commonality extends into a Psychosocial wind current via their apartments and outings. At times a breeze runs down a street into the next causing electro-chemical enhancement of life and death interaction. In the state of N2 this Theoretically exists as Psychosocial interaction that extends via the unconscious ultra-sounds from across the street when collectives of commonality coincide.

Part 5.

The activation thresholds of Cortical Synapses or Plasticity become raised during wakefulness as the body and mind processes new information, and so needs to be adjusted back to uphold their signal to noise ratio. Signal to noise ratio in a philosophical sense can be explained as Tinnitus frequencies relaying blood codes, but I also say they relay motion and emotion. When communication is placed within the ear, Tinnitus can be seen as relaying emotion to Theory of Mind that then causes bodily notions of unconscious, but also involves Interpellation that is part of the day/night/day continuum of Script. In the womb some say a child has consciousness at a certain point before birth. What I say is that this conscious is the enactment of ultrasounds affecting Tinnitus that then causes emotional issues once birth has happened, or the state of cries of peace via pleasantness of Waaaaa, Waaaaa, but also the unpleasant of shrill WaWaWaWa. This can be seen as a first emotional state in Erickson stage developments of forming point one of, “Trust versus mistrust”.

During wakefulness the thresholds of the Cortical synapse processing of K-complexes of the signal to noise ratio is taken care of by a blinking of the eyes. Blinking can cause a momentary shutdown of the consciousness into a Cortical rebooting to keep Symbolic Data gathering of Self as a Core Identity of bodily motions. It can be Termed as the unconscious Symbolic emotional Analysis, or shaking a person’s hand that is washed or unwashed with regards to Fashion Trends at working lunches with alcohol or a gym session with colleagues.

With thresholds of processes – in meaning it defines a set of parameters that a Core Identity has a higher and lower threshold where the necessity of the action of natural blinking causes a momentary sleeping inducement. This I see as usage for the calculations of emotional energy and sensual glandular neuron scent points that gives emotional conversation concepts in a biological sense factoring of the localised atmosphere where a Performance is Buzzing towards the day/night continuum for the following day where Interpellation causes a look towards a sublime action and recognising the face of a Fashion Trend of. Localisation causing pre-dispositions of Retrospective meaning that leads to Introspective actions in Theory of Mind and Embodiment in people. Via:

  1. Look
  2. Hear ↔   ↔   ↔   Relativity of Intellect.
  3. Ignore

But also:

The latter is the bi-product of the day/night/day continuum of:

  1. Noise
  2. Feeling
  3. Scent →→→→→→    Intellect Variables.
  4. Tones
  5. Sight

It is a catching up on the day’s actions via the strength of Willpower according to an individual’s schedule in present time reasoning of keeping within the Inner Peace, “And thought” Experience. So once that blink has been consolidated into electro-chemical information, it then passes to bodily compartments of the scent glands, causing inhibitors or stimulus factors of body and voices.

The down-state that is provided by these K-complexes does this by reducing the strengths of any of the Synaptic connections and or the electro-chemical interaction of the sensual Embodiment and signals sent to the Brain that occur – when activated – while individuality is awake. Or the breath blocking the internal ear from the 80-90%, analysed in sleep via: a Core Identity interacting in Psychosocial Embodiment of the ears, nose and throat via Tinnitus and tonal sounds of sublime ultra-sound causing stress that creates Peripheral sight on the eyes absorption of co-ordination towards those sounds. Ultra-sounds are also a part of sleep that are collected via bodily motions of a Human or creature of objects moving during times of wakefulness, but continued via Homeostasis as day/night/day. It is Theoretically part of the process within sleep continuance via N2 of unconscious sensual scent and how the family scent interacts as points of Interpellation worthiness to the family unit. When movement is made I say, a Tinnitus code is then sent to the Brain via the inner ear. I state that I hear my Tinnitus and although I say it is a clear and steady tone in my previous book this is within the idle state. As I progressed I could notice differing pitches that were responded to with motion. It is also a visa-versa of a Tinnitus frequency that causes movement of a bodily part/s. It is a part of Homeostasis of the peripheral senses via Erving Goffman’s Terminology of a Performance that is caused via these ultra-sounds that are processed as a day/night/day continuum, but is then extended in Embodiment of movement and scent release of Feng Shui.

In the client Tinnitus is the last resort, but also a wordless beginning, but as an Abnormal to be Normal beginning to rebuild an Ego Identity via a period of Psychosocial Moratorium. The un-initiated of societal attitude would cause extensions into thought extensions of, “Do you hear ‘sublime’ voices in your head” that was, “Not” an original questioning of old-style psychology in America and British psychiatry, in an Abnormal Cycle of Enquiry. Furthermore, the recovery from the down-state these K-complexes inducement, that allows, a “cortical firing of ‘reboots’ in a systematic order” so that memory engrams and bodily notions encoded during neuronal firing can be “repeatedly practiced and thus consolidated” in an unconscious act that blinking creates momentarily.

In the mind that is comatose due to drugs or sublime conscious sleepwalkers – thoughts and processes cannot always be condensed into a stable order. Or the Brain having troubles storing data of the Norms 10-20% which then causes thought Conflabulation in clients. Hence erratic thought processes or the hearing being affected into a delusional enactment of sublime or latent voices of the instinctual Bi-cameral, being brought to the foreground via a coffee bars chorus creating words of ultra-sound at the level of Script Tinnitus, or a chorus of understanding of babbling baby talk via the Term of Adult/child of established wordage formulas. It is delusional, simply because of the societal beliefs being brought to the statement of Abnormal to be Normal. The client trying to rise above Tinnitus may only be met with the likening to a football crowds chanting of mirth and ridicule in tonal dysfunctions created during N2 of sleep due to a lack of correct sustenance that causes the non-physical illness phenomena. Bi-polar is also an inclusion of good and bad times of this choral chanting. What one hears in a football crowd chanting another hears slightly differently or the Term, “indistinctly” to the Norm of Society. Confabulation is not necessarily delusional when Script Narration of a life’s words are a concept. Bi-polar is a denial factor of the Terminology of my use of the Lower Voice of Significance. The L.V.S is a state of faraway voices, not that of a singular Core Identity being influenced by Overt Behaviour. Here book 1’s Discussion of control freak is appropriate.

In K-Complexes, Plasticity problems may arise in the Dendritic currents passing over the Vagus nerve via assessment of the ears, nose and inner voice box and their assessment of the wakeful times of consolidation furtherance towards reduced states of synaptic signal strengths of sleep via a lack of electro-chemical Brain secretions of food sustenance. Or the forming of a waking nightmare continuation where a client cannot conceive the illness within, in a conscious narration, until a mental health overload becomes overly apparent that leads to consciousness of Tinnitus defence leads to the opening of the inner ear. Here the Norm of Society may unconsciously conceive clients as falling asleep in Ecological bodily terms of frequencies affected by scent glands and emotional conversation. In the Vagus nerve it is a point of having dysfunctions towards the body due to a lacking of sustenance via the inner voice causing Tinnitus dysfunctions.. At this point these dysfunctions cause the body: scent and motion problems that I say leads to the Term sublime body notions of Bi-cameral states of body language communication as a sublime narration purveyed via the vocalisation to the inner ear. Furthermore the Vagus nerve controls speech which I explain more of later.

In the natural state of the Norm of Society, the inner part of the eyes droop down the nose and then this pulling the mouth down. This motion then enters the inner voice box causing a state of sublime notions seen as a sleeping person in the Abnormal to be Normal. Here it is an extra 5-10% of consciousness in a client. In this comatose or sublime conscious sleepwalking state of wakefulness, imbalances may occur due to a lack of certain electro-chemicals in the Brains functioning due to prolonged use of drugs or a lack of nutrition of the non-physical illness phenomena. Euphoria is a state of Theta or a pleasant dizziness. The person awakening to a euphoric drug imbibing would surely fall into this comatose state of mind rather than body. Breath and Heart rate are also a part of relaxing past N1 sleep into the N2 state, euphoria existing between N1 and N2. In Human EEG studies, the Term Theta refers to frequency components in the 4–7 Hz range, regardless of their source in the Brain.

At this point issues arise in the drug users of euphoria and their desire for sugary sweets. Here a link between the blood sugars and Tinnitus can be assessed in the point between the N1-N2 state of sleep whereby Theta rhythms are starting to be displayed in the Brain via visual Alpha wave laziness or an un-focusing causing a dizziness between the link of the balancing of the eyes and ears. In this desiring vitamins from fruits, but also vegetables may be lacking and so causing a need for a quick fix of sugary sweets. These Alpha waves are a part of the visualisation of sensory perception of visual Confabulation, whereas Theta (euphoria) is the starting of a closing of the ears to a sublime consciousness aural Confabulation between or in the points of N1-N2. Theta Waves used during the wakening hours may decrease certain nutrients used in the transferral between wake/sleep processes of consciousness of the Alpha and Theta states between and in N1 and N2 that gives a Cognitive state of euphoria.

Cortical firing in a systematic order may become dysfunctional in Tinnitus encoding of the body and mind, or a non-consolidation between the Vagus nerve and the interaction it creates with the body’s blood sugars flowing through the Brain via the left and right side veins where Tinnitus encoding of body and mind exists in some clients as an emotional Confabulation. When Tinnitus and body are linked certain pitches consolidate with motions of body language when in wakefulness, or the paranoia of interaction of body language causing un-Ecological delusional thought stimulus in the Tinnitus frequencies of Psychosocial emotional looks and feelings via a Bi-cameral Theory of Mind. This being via the cortical firing reboots in a systematic order of Psychosocial unconscious Events of Localised Script in the Norm, but as in a Performance of ultrasounds to a client creating a Bi-cameral Script narration which can be Term as a consciousness interpreting Psychosocial ultrasounds. Or the Norm of Society relaxing via internal breathing of peaceful solitude that causes body relaxation methods, but the opposite being true in some mental health clients where as an Abnormal, relaxation becomes the facial stance of sleepwalking via the picture below causing the Vagus nerve to interpret the Theory of Mind relayed via body language. Between the points of A and B I say there is a point I call the Temporal Sensual Neurone glands that guide the Norms sensual hearing and sight. I place these points as the soft parts at the sides of the forehead.

Picture 3

Chapter 6.

L.V.S and the Taste/smell of Coffee

The Lower Voice of Significance, becomes an Abnormal to be Normal issue when, the Taste/smell of Coffee is out of sync with the ears, nose, throat and visual energy. This can be seen as a battle of inner and outer sensory perceptions of scent, vocal and tonal developments. It is also caused via an adult/child of established inner vocal thought patterns stored as body language. Here is where a client has the right of truth in using a verbally audible communication of Self-therapy until innuendo is cleared via a period of Psychosocial Moratorium. This out of sync or misalignment is the non-physical illness phenomenon causing mental illness but of then regaining the Inner Peace Experience via using verbal Self-therapy. Those with lesser degrees of mental health illness suffer from the likes of panic attacks in the Hearts Sympathetic nervous system of a, “Fight or Flight” syndrome. A panic attack is the non-consciousness of feeling the Heart.

This in Theory links to the tendons in the right hand side of the inner voice box and the energy of the AVN and SAN of the Heart. When this is analysed the Heart and inner voice both have linkages to the Vagus nerve in the Brain via energy dysfunctions in the body of this tendon moving across these two areas of the Heart and the inner voice box. In theory this can be seen as an energy line much like those involved in acupuncture. Or inward breath causing a synchronicity effect in the body’s latent energy flows of Feng Shui. Discussion here will lead around the Vagus nerve and that of its contributories in Tinnitus affecting the ears, nose, throat and facial stance that then causes Tardif Dyskinesia in the Vagus nerve resulting in aural Confabulation. By using Self-therapy sublime issues involved in the L.V.S become a conscious issue that is then translated into Human states of conscious acceptances. The Vagus nerves path is along these points of contact, except the nose that links to the inner voice box and loud breath for blocking the inner hearing of the ears in the Norm.

When the Brain and Embodiment are placed as the body being a clinical study of electro-chemical scent being fed as Symbolic Data to areas of the Brain via the Noise Ratio of Tinnitus remaining wordless, then overloads and dysfunctions can be identified to. This is identified to where scent flowing from the body and Psychosocial may cause the day/night/day continuum in the sensory perceptions of the body feeding the Brain. This is seen through internal nerves affecting a polluted system that lacks water, sustenance and vitamin D from breathing. What I say of vitamin D is that the lungs absorb this to make the Plasma energy of the body in sleep.

Lack of water causes a poisoned thickening of blood, but also does not allow the washing of the blood system and nutritional rejuvenation. Now when assessment is made of blood and Tinnitus, Tinnitus encoding may affect the mind via the senses in the ears and the Artery running close to the inner ear. Slow blood movement may cause dysfunctions in Tinnitus encoding to the emotional Theory of Mind and may also cause emotional speech paralysis. Another cause identifiable to is relaxing into a semi-sleep status in the states of Angiotensin which has causes in the Heart and blood pressure which is an inclusion later on?????????. As I have mentioned emotional states of mind are affected in Tinnitus via conversation, but also Self-expression of sensual motion. If blood does not flow adequately, then Tinnitus dysfunctions could affect Brain frequency functions as well. When thickening of the blood occurs nutrition in the Brain may cause slow Neural patterns towards the Vagus nerve via the Heart and the Angiotensin blood pressure hormones and fluid imbalances keeping a client in the state of Parasympathetic lethargy. So Tinnitus encoding and these Neural connections may become out of sync with the senses in emotional Theory of Mind that is not in tune with the wordless Embodiment of Tinnitus. Within the cardiac cycle the purkinje fibres can be defined as Relativity of the Plasma energy REGULATION of vitamin D via the right ventricle of the Heart is how I Theorise these Cardiac end-organs. The Plasma energy is fed via ionised moisture being absorbed into the lungs, or hydro-Plasma in the breath of night. This in turn is fed into the Hearts right ventricle that is connected to the lungs. The regulation between the two chambers of energy intake and the body’s needs, is via the sinoatrical node ( SAN ). The initiation of the hydro-Plasma energy is with the inclusive regulatory factor of the atrioventricular node ( AVN ). Within the AVN is the input of the energy factor at the Hearts relaxatory motion of the blood flow. The SAN being the amount of hydro-Plasma needed from vitamin D via: the momentary latent minds biological computations of the amount of energy needed for consumption that the vagus nerve – I see as the main area of the Brains regulatory system of mental illness.

In Terms of the physical and mental aspect the latent Tinnitus of a Sympathetic or a Parasympathetic nervous system affecting the bodily actions of a client’s Embodiment of emotions is with feelings of panic or sleepiness. This area of the Brain is within the Medulla Oblongata as is the Vagus nerve. Here the enactment of Theory of Mind may turn to Conflabulation of an un-necessary inclusion of awaiting a, “Rest and digest” of the Parasympathetic nervous system inclusion. So via L.V.S interactions contained within an Inner Experience of outer peripherals in sight, sound and scent it has an effect on the emotional Self. Much like a sudden sound can startle.

This L.V.S is also an inclusion of Tinnitus and Tardif Dyskinesia via: the Parasympathetic aspect of the facial nerve controlling the secretion of the sublingual and submandibular salivary glands, the lacrimal gland, and the glands associated with the nasal cavity. The client of the L.V.S as I found may use nasal action with the, “Rest and digest” Syndrome of: Tinnitus; sounds of Script; or a chorus of individualisms’ forming words correlating to the conscious echoes of fanaticism. The Preganglionic fibers originate within the CNS in the superior salivatory nucleus and leave as the intermediate nerve (which some consider a separate cranial nerve altogether) to connect with the facial nerve just distal (further out) to it surfacing at the CNS. Wikipedia.


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