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Mentality and Body language notions....!,?,!..

Casualties of Consciousness Download 94 pages here.

Just in case you don’t have a reader for Adobe PDF reader, then please visit the website below:

Anyway here’s a short extract that doesn’t need downloading.It’s all the mind boggling stuff that cleared my brain of big psychiatric words and medicaments.

FROM HERE ON WIKIPEDIA Here a device in the ear that allows the client to hear the Lower Voice of Significance allows them time in Erikson’s Psychosocial Moratorium of correcting themselves as a Casualty of Consciousness. Once the Core Identity has established their tonal Dysfunctions of mental health issues the client can then relay via the device recording the information – to a team of counsellors. This allowing the counsellors and client the use of Symbolic Data gathering that can then assess emotional personality disorders relating to the patients inner responses interaction as a Core Identity to the Psychosocial interaction…

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