The mind is like a Mirror of Emotions which can be Read

There are ways to overcome such issues in life. Empathy and proper treatment with counseling can prove to be the best medicine for such issues. The medical world is very wide and problems related to the brain and mind can influence one’s daily life and schedule in multiple ways. The site actually deals with such mental traumas and disorders and ways to rectify the same with the help of eBooks. These books are written by the founder of the site and she herself has undergone problems with psychosis, schizophrenia bipolar. Hence her books are a must read for people who can relate and identify with similar issues and also construct ways which can enhance their body language skills. People suffering from problems like hearing voices may be undergoing through a rough patch in life as in others calling them mad whenever they discuss their issues. The book deals with all this and the ways to deal with it.

The book also deals with the Schizophrenia issues faced by several people. Here the fight is with the inner self. The writer has written at length about the trauma and the ways to deal with it. It is a serious disorder which affects the person’s thoughts and feelings in an adverse manner. They have false beliefs and often complain about hearing voices which others do not hear.

A psychosocial state of mind reflects a disorder of behaviors in societal circumstances. This may be caused due to faulty dietary habits. The book also mentions about this problem and the possible ways to curb the disorder.


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